Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Bounty Hunter: Six and Two-Thirds

“Can I confess something to you Officer?”  The 6’7” Bounty Hunter towered over her.
Officer Pryce didn’t respond.  “I’ve never been with a black woman before.  I mean, sure, I’ve danced with one or two, but it’s never gone beyond gyrating on the dance floor.”  He paused, lowering his head down to her 5’6 ½” frame, until she could feel his breath on her ear, “You’ve ever been with a white guy?”

“No, and I don’t plan on being with one!”  She snapped.

“Not even me?”  He sang innocently. 

Especially not you!”  She snapped back.

He started to laugh, “I like you!  You’ve got a pretty face and a smart mouth!” The Bounty Hunter held her close, “I like that in a woman.”  In one fell swoop, he pressed her body up against the door of his truck, pushed his leg forward between hers, then swept it to the right, shifting her leg along with his, jarring her off-balance, and making her spread her legs.  Her wrists were both held in each of his hands, and legs spread between his –there she stood immobilized and eagle-spread up against the side of his pickup truck.  Officer Pryce experienced what it must have been like to be one of this Hunter’s bounties, but unlike any of his other catches, the Hunter had managed to do one more thing –unzip his pants.

“It turns me on.”  And with that statement she felt exactly what he meant; to be precise, she felt exactly what all 6 inches and two-thirds of his ‘turn on’ felt like as it slid across the thin wool fabric on her inner thighs.

 “You said you were going to let me go!”  She shouted.

“I intend to, Caramel.”  He pulled his hips back slightly, then rocked them forward, only this time more than just her upper thighs felt the head and shaft of his erect penis.  But I’ve got another confession for you Officer, before I do.”

Obsessed with visible panty lines in her uniform, she opted for thongs instead of regular underwear.  And in the brief skirmish that had just taken place, it shifted and now split more than just the cheeks of her ass –the thin line of fabric nestled itself squarely between her labia, and with each gentle, and ever so slight movement of his hips, back and forth, the Hunter stroked her lower lips and turned her on.

“Every summer, when I was young, my parents would send my brothers and I,” The Hunter stopped and corrected himself. “My brothers and me, I might be country Brown Sugar, but that doesn’t mean I’m not educated.”  He cleared his throat and continued.

“Every summer, my parents would send my brothers and me to my grandparent’s house, up in the mountains of North Carolina.  And if we were good, my granny would take us to the candy store, one of those old fashioned ones, you know, with a lunch counter in the back, ice cream case in the front, and every kind of candy you can imagine lined up against the walls in between.”

She felt wetness between her legs, but in her arousal she couldn’t decipher whether it had come from herself or from him.

“Now she was really strict, my granny.  ‘Only one sweet per trip, she’d say.’  But the first evening up there, the summer I turned ten, my grandpa picked up a hand full of wrapped caramels and handed me one.  I unwrapped it and popped it in my mouth before my granny could even notice.  And something happened when I did.  You wanna know what happened?”  The Hunter questioned.

“No.  I want you to let me go!”  The Officer retorted.

“Now, see.  We were getting along so well, and then your smart mouth –”  The Bounty Hunter placed both of her wrists in one of his hands, and slip his free hand down the front of her uniform –across her breasts, to her waist and stopping at the zipper to her pants.  He unzipped it smartly, and slipped his cool, callused hand in.  It took him a second to fish around and find the edge of her panties.

“What happened?”  Officer Pryce blurted out.  “What happened when you ate the caramel?”  She asked.

“Oh, you wanna know now?” His response felt like an interrogation. 

“Yes…please.”  The Officer took on a more conciliatory tone.

His fingers released the edge of her thong, and he removed his hand from her pants just as quickly as he had entered them.  “You see how agreeable I can be when you play nice?”  He taunted.

“Yes… I’m sorry.” She exhaled breathing a sigh of relief.

“When I tasted that caramel, it was the sweetest thing I had ever tasted, and the way it felt in my mouth –it started to melt once it touched my tongue; every corner of my mouth could feel its softness and taste its sweetness –it was so good, it gave me an erection.”  He licked his lips, and then continued, “And do you know what I did every time I went to the candy shop after that, Brown Sugar?”  His ran his hand across her waist.

“No.”  She whispered.

“I stole a caramel, just so I could experience what it felt like to have that piece of candy melt… in… my… mouth.”  The Bounty Hunter stopped talking when he moved his hand from her waist to her neck.  Cradling her chin in his palm, he lifted it.  “Again…and again…and again.”

She could feel him brush his nose up against her neck.  “I bet you taste as good as you smell, Caramel Candy Drop.”  He exhaled. “You ever taste something so good it made you cum?”  She didn’t respond.  “I just asked you a question, Brown Sugar.”

“No.”  Her response was barely audible.

His strokes become harder and faster.   Officer Pryce raised herself to the balls of her feet, to create some distance –half and inch at most, between the Bounty Hunter’s sword and her sheath.
“Oh?”  He asked somewhat confused.  Her slight movement puzzled him. “Ohhh!”  He sighed, realizing her action was more of re-action, to him.  “Someone’s finally getting aroused.”  He almost seemed to praise.  “Well, let me help you with that.”

The Hunter raised his hips another two-inches, and firmly plugged the gap between her legs –rubbing her uppermost thighs and the entire length of her labia with every thrust.  And so he continued, ‘fucking’ her, as though he were ‘fucking’ her; over and over again he pushed, until he felt her clench her ass and squeeze his dick with her thighs repeatedly in rapid succession, just before her knees buckled, and she let out a long moan.

The Hunter braced his prey from falling.  “Atta, girl!”  He congratulated, re-pinning her to the side of the truck. “But the only problem now is, everyone’s here has cum except for me.”  His whisper was low.   “You tasted something so good, it just made you wet?”  She didn’t follow his train of thought.

“You said you were gonna let me go.”  She whimpered.

 “Let you go?  Now?  But now I got an erection so hard, and it would be such a shame to waste it,” He rubbed his hand up and down the thin wool fabric covering her ass. “Or worse, cum where my jizz will be of no use, don’t you think?”

“No!”  Pryce objected.

“There you go again with that smart mouth.”  He scolded. 

“I’m sorry…it’s just that –”

“I didn’t ask, Caramel Cutie.”  He laughed slightly to himself.  “You know, you’re pretty good at this police thing.  I’m about to confess something else to you.”  Completely caught off guard by the skillful Bounty Hunter, he moved her arms behind her back and cuffed her, with his own set of restraints –both wrists in a single cuff.  He turned her to face him.  “When you first approached my truck and started talking, I have to admit, I really wasn’t listening to what you were saying.  I was completely fixated on your lips, and how soft they must feel.”  She looked around, and at the deserted road.  The alternating blue and white lights seemed miles away as opposed to the yards they actually were. 

Using the edge of his index finger to lift and turn her chin so she faced him, he ran his thumb across her lips.  “They seem soft.”  He brushed his thumb back across her lips.  “But there are only two ways I can think of testing…just…how…soft…they really are.”  He brushed his thumb across her lips a third time.  “Now, I could kiss you.”  He stroked her lips again. “But you know what?  I had a burger about an hour ago, and had I known I was gonna get a little action tonight, I would have asked them to hold the onions.”  He licked his lips.  “And I don’t think the mint gum I’ve been chewing has completely gotten rid of the taste.”  The Bounty Hunter raised his head and spit the gum out at a considerable distance.  “To be perfectly honest with you, Sexual Chocolate, I think it would be in poor taste if I were to kiss you, knowing I still have this lingering onion breath.”  He touched her lips again. “So there’s really only one other option.” 

The Bounty Hunter stepped back, breaking all physical contact with her, and it was then that she saw his dick, the pinkish skin contrasted starkly against the dark indigo of his jeans –breaking through the unzipped zipper as though it were a performer unrestrained by the curtains or the stage.

“I thought you were gonna let me go?”  She whined.

“When things are just starting to get fun?  You most likely cost me ten-grand in those bounties I was chasing, at the very least, you could be more accommodating.”  The Bounty Hunter took a half step back and began to unfasten the button on his jeans.  The pants fell half way down his thighs, as he spoke, “On your knees.”  He ordered.

Slowly, she lowered herself to kneeling; taking great pains to maintain her balance, she bent one knee behind her, as though she were doing lunges in her aerobics class. 

The Hunter’s rough hand grabbed her by the chin, and pulled it upward for her to look at him.  “Whatever you’re thinking about trying, I wouldn’t if I were you.”  He used his thumb to brush her cheek.  “It would be a shame if I was forced to do something that would permanently scar this beautiful face…or worse.”  The Bounty Hunter shifted his hand from her chin to her neck and squeezed.  “Do we understand each other?”

Pryce tried to nod, but she couldn’t, and settled for a, “Hmm mmm,” instead.

“You know what?”  He pulled upward, and she stood before him again, only this time, she could feel the head of his erect penis pressed against her abdomen.  “Let’s make sure, we’re crystal clear on this Caramel Spice.”  With his free hand, he unlatched her service revolver, and removed it from the holder.  She heard the safety ‘click’.  “No!”  Barely audible, she tried to scream.
“I’m not gonna kill you.”  The clip fell to the ground after hitting her boot.  He threw the gun a lot farther than he spit the gum.

“No!”  Another muffled scream escaped.

Now that we’re on the same page…on your knees!”  He ordered again, and she complied.

*           *           *         
On her knees, Officer Pryce thought for a moment and then inadvertently licked her lips –her tongue brushed up slightly against the Bounty Hunter’s dick.

“That’s a good start Brown Sugar, but you’re going to have to do better than that if you’re trying to get me off!” He quipped pressing the head of his cock up against her soft, wet lips.

Pryce licked them again, this time purposely and tasted him –the faint hint of salt caused her mouth to water.  She separated her lips, allowing her tongue to extend and cradle his head, opening a passageway to take his member in.

She swallowed a few times forcing his pre-cum to the back of her mouth and down her throat. The Bounty Hunter sighed as he felt the rhythmic undulations of her tongue massage the head of his penis, and creating a vacuum feeling, sucking his cock into her mouth. Fighting the urge to fuck the Officer’s delectable opening, he permitted her to continue.

Pryce wrapped her lips around the rim and rocked her head back several times encouraging the Hunter to penetrate her deeper –the second she opened her mouth, he did.

Watching his cock disappear into her opening, he allowed the sensation of his head touching the moist walls of her cheeks then the muscular curvature of her tongue to stimulate him, before it was pushed up against the her hard palate.

The Bounty Hunter nudged a little more until he reached the back of her throat.  The Officer swallowed again, and the Hunter about lost his fucking mind. A shiver ran up from the base of the spine and simultaneously down to his thighs; holding onto the bed of his truck, he braced himself so that he didn’t lose balance. “God this feels good!” He cried out as he hit the side of the truck with his hands. Pryce pinned the head of his dick up against the roof of her mouth with her tongue –she could taste just how much he enjoyed what she was doing, and she swallowed a few more times.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” The Bounty Hunter moaned in ecstasy as he let her take all six-and-two-thirds-inches of him into her opening. She started to suck his entire cock: from her lips at the base, to the shaft on her tongue, to the head caressed by her throat.

He was going to cum faster than he had planned, so he pulled back slightly, and she let him, before opening her mouth, motioning forward to take him fully into her again.  The Bounty Hunter pulled back a few more times so he wouldn’t cum, but Pryce sucked harder and faster, refusing to let go of her grip. “Fuck!” He shouted. “You’re going to make me cum!” His hand hit the side of the truck several times in anger…then frustration…followed by elation. Holding onto the edge of the bed, his knees shook, then his thighs –he came in an explosion at first, trailed by ejaculating in small bursts. Pryce sucked and swallowed…and sucked and swallowed until she felt his fingertips stroke her cheek. She opened her mouth and he withdrew. The Officer licked her lips one last time as the Bounty Hunter took a step back, pulled up his pants and fastened his belt.

Not being completely unchivalrous, he held her by the bicep and helped her standing. As she stood, they exchanged glances. The Police Officer turned away from the Hunter to face the truck the held out her hands for him to uncuff them.

“Now if I were to do that,” he used a finger to lift the cuffs with her wrists by the free cuff. “How would I be sure you wouldn’t try to arrest me?”

“I already told you, I wouldn’t.”  She assured.

“And after I let you go?  What goes to say you won’t go back to your squad car and retrieve another weapon?” Officer Pryce looked away. “Yeah, I thought so.” He chided.

The Bounty Hunter pulled the Police Officer by the empty cuff and led to the passenger side of the pickup truck. He opened the door and told her to get in.

“You said you would let me go!” She pleaded.

“And I will,” he paused, correcting his own grammar.  “Listen to me talk, you must think I’m some sort of country bumpkin!” He giggled.  “I shall let you go,” he insisted as he pushed himself up against her side –his erection had returned. “As soon as I’m finished fucking you, Brown Sugar!”  The Bounty Hunter rubbed his hard dick against her hip. “Now get in!” He snapped, as he stepped back to give her room to move. Pryce turned and stepped up onto the running board.  The Hunter quickly placed his hands on the seat on either side of her, and using his upper body, he bent her forward. He placed his left leg on the step next to her, shifting his erect penis right between the cheeks of her ass. “Unless of course, you want to climb into the bed of my truck, let me put you down on all fours and fuck your brains out.”

She remained silent. 

Pryce stepped up into the cab with one foot, then the other, and sat on the leather seat watching him. The Bounty Hunter reached behind her, pulling the free cuff then fastening it to a latch between the chair and back seat cushions.  “Just one more thing,” he added placing his other foot on the running board, and leaned into the cab over her. The Hunter motioned to kiss the Officer, and she turned her face to look out the driver’s side window. He reached back over her shoulder and pulled the seatbelt across her lap and fastened it. “Safety first!” He chuckled.

The Bounty Hunter stepped down and warned the young Police Officer, “Whether you kiss me now, or after I’ve tasted your Caramel… I plan on putting my tongue in both sets of your lips!”

Pryce sat there for a moment, after he closed the passenger side door. She could see him briefly in the side mirror then the rearview mirror before he disappeared from her sight all together. Looking around the cab she searched at first with her eyes –across seat and the dashboard, then with her foot, under both to determine if there was anything that could help her...and there was!

The Officer stopped when she heard the Hunter load several things into the bed of the truck before opening the driver’s side door. The Bounty Hunter threw his leather jacket onto the seat and climbed in. He put the key into the ignition and turned –the engine roared to life as he switched on the headlights, and shifted the vehicle into gear.   He turned to face her, “Ready to catch some bad guys?” He winked at Officer Pryce and pulled off.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Best 2 out of 3: Part I

Leah scrolled through positions in her mind: rubbing her breasts against his back, with four-on-the-floor under her, she could tease him physically without him able to anything about it except forfeit the game.  She thought of spreading her legs and stretching one across his thigh, then moving it between his legs.  Leah got wet thinking about all the ways she was going to tease, no, torture Chris, and spoke out confidently, “All right, frat boy…bring it!”  Untying her bikini top at the neck, then behind her back, she threw the garment at him.

Christopher caught it, and wrapped it over his shoulders.  His eyes traced the curve of each breast, sizing them up to be a full C-cup, before zeroing in on the nipples:  light brown, areolas that darkened slightly in the middle where they delicately came to peaks, each pointing directly at him, and both pierced. “You’re talking a lot of trash for someone who is going to lose.”

“Lose?” Leah began to untie he bikini bottoms; taking the end of one bow, she pulled slowly letting the tie come undone before the front of the triangle bottom fell slightly.  “Care to put your money where your mouth is?” She pulled the end of the tie on the other side, and the front of the bikini fell.  Leah tugged a few times and finally the strings dragged the tiny piece of fabric out from between her legs.

Christopher started stroking himself. “I’ll tell you where I’d like to put my mouth!”

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!”  Leah watched him stroke the length the shaft, and ‘adjust’ his balls. “What are you doing?”

“Taking the edge off.” Chris answered.

She threw the bikini bottom at him, and he caught it in his free hand.  Unable to resist the temptation, Christopher stopped masturbating, and stretched the crotch of the bikini between his hands then lifted it to his nose before inhaling…deeply. “Oh, fuck!” He moaned.

“Shit!” She giggled. “This is going to be easier than I thought!”

“Oh, really?” He questioned, taking another smell. “Have you played before?”

“Twister?” Leah touched herself, moving her fore and middle finger in small circles.

“Yeah.” Christopher’s tone shifted from jovial to that of concern.

“No. Never, but how hard can it be?” She stopped rubbing herself, considering the possibility that this wasn’t his first time playing the game she had suggested.

“No, not since I was 10.”  He paused and reflected, “And never naked.” Chris started masturbating again, and his cock shot straight up like and arrow. “So…what’s the wager?”

“Loser makes breakfast.”  She winked, “I hope you can cook!”

“Oh, don’t worry about me Beautiful –” He stretched his arms up, almost touching the ceiling. “Just remember when you’re cooking my bacon, I like it crispy!”  Christopher twisted his upper body side to side, limbering up before the match. “And my eggs scrambled!”

Leah chuckled at his jabs, then was puzzled as she surveyed the towel: something was missing. “Wait a minute…isn’t there a spinning thing?”

“Yeah.”  Chris started with some jumping jacks, and the bikini fell to the floor. “About a 100 miles after I bought the towel, I realized that it didn’t have the spinner attached.”

“Oh, well.  Too bad.”  Leah chimed in quickly.  “Now, if you’ll kindly hand me my bikini, we can go for that swim before you cook me breakfast!”

He stopped the jumping jacks and started with squats.  “Not so fast there, Bootylicious!”   I looked up the directions to Twister on my phone when I gassed up just outside of town. Turns out, we don’t need a spinner for the two of us to play.”  Chris gloated, standing up, and stroking himself again.

“Oh, no?” Leah asked concerned.  “Then how do we –”

“Play?”  Chris finished her thought.  “Here are the rules.  Each quadrant on the spinner tells the players what body part goes to what color, say ‘Right-hand, yellow or left-foot, red’. We, the players, follow the instructions.  When both of our hands and both of our feet are on the mat, then things get interesting.”

“How so?”  Leah was intrigued at the statement.

“Well, from that point on, any body part, that is not a hand or a foot, that touches the mat disqualifies a player from play, and the last one standing, so to speak, is the winner.

“Okay.”  Leah looked over at the four-columns of colors from left to right: blue, red, yellow, green; with six circles in each.   “So then how do we know which body part and which color.”

“Easy.  One of us calls out the body part, and the other, the calls out–”

“I call body part!”  Leah jumped the gun.

“But you didn’t wait –” Chris tried to reason with her, but was interrupted again.

“Are you game?  Or not?” Leah enticed.

Christopher laughed to himself, stopped masturbating, and waved his hand over the towel.  “Ladies first.”

Leah knelt, as did Christopher, but on the opposite side of the towel, and then she began, “All right…right-han –.” 

“Green.”  Chris blurted out even before Leah had the chance to finish, and just as quickly, he reached across the mat and put his right-hand on the blue circle that was closest to her.

“You didn’t even wait for me to finish saying hand.” She chided.

“I guess now that you confirmed you were going to say, ‘hand’, it’s kind of a moot point, now isn’t it?”

Leah pouted.

“How about a good luck kiss?”  Christopher leaned closer to Leah’s pouting mouth.

“I don’t need luck.”  She retorted.

“I was talking about for me.”

“You’re gonna be kissing my ass and making my breakfast before long, so you can keep your empty gesture and your quick hands to yourself!”

“So be it.”  Chris retreated.  “It’s your turn.”  Leah looked at the five remaining circles and stretched over Chris’ right-hand to fourth green circle away.  She purposely let her right nipple slide across his forearm putting her hand down on the spot she had chosen.

“It’s your turn again to call out another body part.”  Chris encouraged.

“Okay…right-foot.”  Leah spoke. Christopher looked around the board. “I’m waiting.”  She persisted.


“You are aware there are more colors than just green, aren’t you?”  Leah raised her foot over Chris’ right arm, completely unaware that he was moving his right-foot to the last green spot in the row.

“Just so you know, talking trash is only gonna get you cooking me more food…biscuits, grits –I’m starving!”

“I’ll give you something to eat!”  She teased.

“Is that a challenge?”  Christopher ran his left hand across the curvature of her bottom and inched his fingers towards the space between her legs. “‘Cause I accept!”

“Let me stop fucking with you…and give your left-hand, something else to do.”  She blurted out, “Left-hand.”

“Blue!”  Chris repeated his first move; his left-hand beat Leah’s to the other side of the board, and he placed it on the circle parallel to his right-hand.  Leah tried to stretch her hand to the blue circle directly above the one where Christopher had just put his hand, but she couldn’t reach, and settled for the spot two circles above. 

“Speaking of blue, I hope you know how to make blueberry muffins…and squeeze oranges for juice.”

“That freshly squeezed O.J. will go great with my blueberry pancakes.”  Chris’ tongue grazed the tip of Leah’s left nipple, and she shivered in response.  “It’s your turn again, sexy!”

“Left-foot.” Leah called.

“Blue.”  Chris answered.

“What the fuck?  First green, now blue!”  Leah lifted her leg, accidentally brushing Chris’ left shoulder.  She put her foot down on the blue circle she failed to reach with her left and.  Christopher, slide his foot to the last blue spot in the row, and as he did, then she felt it –a stream of cool air blown right between her legs. “What are you doing?”

“Enjoying the view.” Chris quipped.

Leah looked around, and noticed Chris was on all fours directly under her, and she likewise was on all fours, directly over him only facing the opposite direction, and worse still (but better for Chris), she wasn’t spread out as we was, but rather skewed to one side because her left-hand and foot were so close together which caused her to somewhat squat close to Christopher’s face.  And he took full advantage of it.

The cool breath of air blew again, but this time reached the opening of her vagina, and her thighs quivered as a result.  “Interesting,” He stated matter-of-factly.  Next, he inhaled deeply and blew again, but this time in a prolonged exhale.  Wetness escaped her and a single drip landed on his chest.  “Very interesting.”  Chris observed.  “What did you say your major was?”

“Biology.”  Leah spoke breathlessly.

 “I knew I picked the wrong major.” Chris blew between her legs again. “Human anatomy is far more interesting than mathematical equations.”

“You can’t do that!”  Leah scolded.

“Do what?”  He asked innocently.

“Cheat!”  She tried turning her head to face him, but his face was buried between her legs.  “You’re turning me on, and it isn’t fair!”

“I guess you didn’t take as much of the edge off as you should have before we started.”  Chris blew again.  “You’re more than welcome to do the same.”

Leah looked up, and Chris’ dick, still hard, was several inches away from her mouth.  She stretched her neck then her tongue out as far as she could, and barely reached the tip.  On her second attempt, she watched him flex his cock and move it completely out of her touch.  Then she felt something else.

Chris’ tongue licked directly across the opening of her vagina; Leah’s knees buckled slightly and she just about lost her stance.  He licked across her again, and she leaned forward to move away from him.  Nearly losing her balance again, she over-corrected her stance leaning back, giving Chris a face full of pussy.

He licked the edges of her vagina –around and around, and he felt her squirm over his mouth; he lapped her opening –back and forth, top to bottom, before he decided to penetrate her with his tongue, and see just how far he could go.  Chris continued, alternating between licking her inside and out, tasting her and drinking from her.  He stopped momentarily. “You give up yet?”

“No!”  Leah couldn’t let him taste her again so intimately, otherwise she would not be able to hold herself up.  She wanted to close her legs, and the only thing she could think of was the game.  “Left-hand.”  She blurted out.

Christopher replied, “Blue.” 

“Why aren’t you picking any other colors?”  Leah, fully aroused, felt wetness drip from her.  She looked under her and watched it drip near mouth. 

“Hmmm.  Yummy!” Chris licked the drop away. “Considering blue and green are my favorite colors, why would I?”  He moved each of his thighs back and forth, rubbing them across her nipples.  “Besides, I have you exactly where I want you.”

With the two remaining open spots, Leah shifted her hand all the way up to Chris’ heel still positioned on the last blue circle in the row. And his left-hand occupied the space her left-hand had just vacated; and just like that, she found herself up on her tip-toes, leaning downward on him.

Leah opened her mouth and let his cock slip in as far as it could.  She lowered herself back down to her feet, and pulled off of him slightly before stretching her feet out again, and letting him slide his dick along her tongue all the way to the back of her throat.

On her third attempt to lower and raise herself, Chris stopped her.  His mouth had nuzzled it’s was down (up her), and he clamped onto her clit with his teeth.  She tried to lift herself, and he bit a little harder.  As she relaxed her feet, he began to suck, slowly at first, then he quickened the pace.

“No!”  She cried out.  “You’re gonna make me cum!”  She tried again to push herself up on the balls of her feet, but again, he bit, then tugged, which only heightened the pleasure.  She relaxed her feet and he sucked even harder.  Her thighs began to twitch, then shake –they squeezed up against his shoulders.  She had cum!  Her knees fell to the mat, and her lower body spread across his chest.  She exhaled and her breath felt cool against his saliva saturated penis.

He flexed his still erect penis, and tapped her face.

“Okay…okay!  You win.”  Chris lowered himself onto his elbows, and lowered each leg until they lie stretched out on the towel.  He spread her checks apart with his thumbs and watched the few last drops of cum escape from her.  He leaned his head towards her and licked every drop he could.

“I want to fuck you right now, like you would not believe.”

“Best 2 out of 3?”  Leah suggested.  “Winner gets fucked in any position they choose!”

“I get breakfast, and I get to fuck you like a dog?”  Chris smacked her ass.  “Let’s do this!”

Monday, October 23, 2017

Biker Chick

Shortly before 9:30 Sunday morning, I received a text from Jeff: You awake?

I had just gotten out of the shower, still naked and dripping wet, using the same towel to dry my hair and body as I scrambled for the phone on my bed: Yes, just got out of the shower.

Perfect!  He replied. Can you stop by before you go for your ride?  There’s something I’d like to ask you.

Ask me?  I met Jeff about six months ago at our riding club’s summer rally.  He wasn’t hard to spot:  6’3”, donned in a leather moto jacket and chaps.  His hair was full salt and pepper and his Van Dyke, likewise.  But his bike, fuck me, his bike was vintage, original hardware and chrome and in immaculate condition.  I wanted to say hi, but it seemed like every other women in the group got to him first, and that gaggle wasn’t leaving that gander by himself anytime soon.

I unzipped the top of my leather jumpsuit (just enough to show some cleavage), and boy was I glad I decided to wear my stiletto boots instead of the flats.  I made my way to him and asked, “You got an axel nut spanner I can use?”

“Why?  What do you need help with beautiful?”  He combed his fingers through his hair and smiled the sexiest smile.

“No help,” I told him.  “But feel free to watch.”  I winked.  Jeff turned from his adoring crowd and opened a small tool box attached to his bike.  “A fifteen please.”

He pulled out the wrench and paused before handing it to me. “Which bike is yours?”

“The pink one in the corner.”  I pointed to the edge of the parking lot.  He nodded and handed me the wrench.  “Don’t worry, I’ll return it.”  I blew him a kiss before I walked off.  I really did need the wrench, but I so wanted to get his attention, and it worked. 

No sooner than I made it back to my bike, and leaned over to adjust the wheel, when I felt him bend over me. “Here,” he opened his hand.  “Let me help you with that.”  And as he tightened the nut, I could feel his erection through my leather pants –nestling its way between my cheeks as he reached to get a better angle on the wheel.  “There,” Jeff got up, and then I did the same. “That should hold for the ride, but maybe you should bring your bike by my shop to let me check you out.”  He smiled and shook his head at his mistake.  “I mean, check it out.”

“You’re a mechanic?” asked coyly.  I didn’t want him to leave.

“Yes.”  He reached into the breast pocket of his jacket and pulled out a business card, and handed it to me.

“Twisted Steel?” I read the name of his auto body and mechanic shop aloud. “That’s an interesting name.”  I commented.

“Yeah,” He leaned over and whispered in my ear.  “Cause there’s nothing like the feeling of a ton of twisted steel between your legs.”  Jeff winked, and returned to his bike.

*             *             *

I had been begging Jeff, for the nearly four months we’ve known each other, to come riding with me on a Sunday morning.  Another riding group I belong to, ride out into the country almost every Sunday; we stop at a local restaurant, have a great meal and conversation, then some ride back home, but I usually spend the night –being a writer, I have the luxury of working virtually anywhere.

Today was the day, and I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity.  I dried off quickly and pulled my hair back in one.  I put on a matching pair of black lace bra and panties. The temperature had dropped enough where I could finally wear my black leather one-piece again.  I got dressed and wore my block-heeled moto boots; then grabbed my overnight bag, helmet, keys and was out the door.

I reached Jeff’s house a little after 10 am.  I rang the doorbell.  No answer.  I knocked, and as I did so, the door opened slightly.  “Jeff?”  There still was no answer.  I opened the door and let myself in. “Jeff?”  I shouted.

“I’m in the bedroom.”  He shouted back.  “You see the rose petals?”  I did.  There was a trail of them leading from the foyer, through the living room, and what I suspected to  the bedroom.  “Follow them!”  He instructed.

I removed my riding boots, and walked across the beige carpeting.  Rose petals –he remembered my favorite flower.  In fact, the entire house smelled like fresh roses.  The rose petal trail ended at his bedroom door.  It was closed, and I knocked.  “Come in,” he hollered, and I entered slowly.

The room was warm.  The marble fireplace along one wall of his room was lit, and a bead of sweat ran down my back.  As I looked around, I noticed there were roses everywhere: on the mantle, the dresser, the chest of drawers, even on each of the night tables; and Jeff, sat on the far corner of his king size bed, naked and masturbating.

I blushed, slightly unzipping my jumpsuit. “You wanted to ask me something?”  I found it hard to look away given his length and how he deliberately stroked all the way to the head of his penis, occasionally pushing it though his index and middle fingers before stroking all the way back down again.

“I want you to write me one of your stories.”

I was flattered.  Jeff was sexy and flirty, but I never pegged him for one who read erotica, that is, not until now.  “I didn’t bring my computer.”

“Then dictate something that will get me off.”  He leaned back a little, and it was then that I saw just how long and thick he really was.  I was already hot from the fireplace, but now I was wet, and I could begin to feel myself drip.

“Seems like what you're doing is working.”  I unzipped my jumpsuit a little more.  “What got you so hard before I arrived?”

“I was thinking of you sucking my hard dick!”

“Yeah?”  I continued to unzip the leather one-piece.  With one leg completely free, I stepped out of the other, then tossed what I had been wearing on an arm chair situated near the window across the room.  “And how would you like me to do that?”  I walked slowly over to Jeff, wearing only the bra and panties.  “Do you want me to suck your dick down while I’m down on all fours or maybe while you're lying down in bed in the afternoon?  How about I sucked your dick to wake you up from sleeping sometime during the middle of the night?”  Standing in front of him, I ran my fingers through his hair.  “What if I sucked your hard dick outside, where the neighbors could see, or inside your shop while you filmed it?”  I touched his face and smoothed his eyebrows, “Would you like me to suck your hard dick on your boat or how about in front of the fireplace?”

Jeff closed his eyes and moaned, “All of the above!”

“It’s kind of difficult to dictate your fantasy if you don’t tell me exactly what you want.  “Would you want me naked, or in my bra and panties?  How about in a mini skirt, with nothing on underneath?  Would you like to see me wearing only a trench coat and high heels?  How about seeing me wear a bikini in your favorite color, or maybe I should put on the t-shirt you took off last night?”

Jeff shook his head, “Damn...tough choices...I like them all!”

“Hmmmmmmmm.”  I thought for a second.  “Let me make this a little easier on you.” 

“Yes, please.”  Jeff turned his head slightly and kissed the inside of wrist.

“Okay…Hair up or down?”

“Up, please.”  I loosened the clip from my hair, ran my fingers through the still damp strands before gathering my hair up in one on the top of my head and securing it in a messy bun.

“Perfect!”  Jeff agreed.

“All right…Brazilian smooth or something to play in?”

“Landing strip.”

“Like this?”  I pulled down the front of my panties revealing the tiny patch of hair I forgot to shave that morning.

“Yes!”  Jeff closed his eyes then stretched his neck back and licked his lips.  When he opened his eyes I winked at him and he smiled.

“Would you want my hands restrained?”

“No.”  He shook his head.  “I need your hands free.”  He answered quickly.

“Free?”  I teased.  “What would you want them to do?”

“Any and every thing!”  He bit his lower lip.

“But you need to tell me, what you would like.”  I insisted.  “Let me start…I'm wearing a black, lace bra and panties, giving you head by the fireplace, while my hands are...?”

“I want your hands caressing and exploring my body…all of it!”  Jeff licked his lips again, “And also playing with your clit!”  He added.

“Do you want me to take my panties off, or just pull them to one side?”  I inquired and he began stoking himself faster.  I held his hands in each of mine, and stopped him.  “This is not how you want your fantasy to end is it?”

“No.”  He whispered.

“Then answer my question.  Panties on…off…or just pulled to the side?”

“Pulled to the side,” he paused. “I want to take them off myself.”

“Maybe, I could start by giving you a massage.”  I reached around my back and unfastened my bra, letting each shoulder strap slide down the respective arm.  Jeff touched the fabric between the cups and tugged, letting one cup fall then the other.

“D-cups?” He smiled.

“Yes.” I replied kissing him softly on the cheek.  Jeff began to stand, and I put my hand on his shoulder, suggesting he remain seated. “Stay here, at the edge of the bed,” I walked around him and climbed onto the bed.  Kneeling behind him, I leaned in and whispered in his ear, “Relax and let me be your fantasy.” 

I rubbed his back wearing nothing but the lace panties.  His hands reached back and slid over my thighs, then up and across my lower back.  I kissed the nape of his neck, and using my tongue, I traced the edge of his ear.  For good measure, I let my nipples glide over his skin.

“Do you like that?”

“Yes…please don’t stop.”

“Would you let me crawl around you and sit on your lap?”  I began to move without even waiting for a reply.

“Absolutely!” His breathing was deep, and Jeff helped me along by carrying me the rest of the way around.

“Do you want to kiss?”

“Yes…I’ve been dying to kiss those lips since you blew me that kiss at the bike rally.”  I kissed him on the corners of his mouth, then his lips.

“I want to see me sliding in and out of –” Jeff interrupted, alluding to where he wanted his fantasy to go.

“Slow down there cowboy...no need to rush.”  I parted his lips with my tongue and wrapped one arm around his neck.  Leaning forward, I rubbed up against his dick.  Moving my hips up and down his shaft, I didn’t stop until he was rock hard.  I stepped down, stood between his legs, and kissed him once more before I knelt.

“Mmmmmmmm.”  He moaned, watching me…anticipating my next move.  I stroked Jeff’s long, hard dick several times, and played with his balls before I switched to my tongue –starting at the base, I licked all the way up to the tip.

“Oh, my!”  He was enjoying the show.  I continued, circling the head with just the tip of my tongue before I slid my tongue back down again.

“Holy shit!”

I did it again, but made sure when I reached the tip, to rub my lips over the top, letting Jeff push the head in mouth and pull it out.

“Yes!”  I looked up at Jeff and he is smiled, intermittently licking and biting his lips.  The next go round, I slid my tongue up his shaft, but decided to mix it up again, when I got to the head, I licked the rim.

“Keep it cumming,” Jeff stroked my hair.  I played with the hole, and lapped up the pre-cum that oozed out.

“Perfect!” He reassured.  Then I opened my mouth...slowly, letting him watch his dick slide in.  “Damn, girl!” First the head slipped in.  Jeff tried to put in a little more –caressing the back of my neck, he held me there while leaning forward at an angle to inch his way further. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, to take as much in, before I pulled back slightly, and only to the rim.  I swirled my tongue around the head before plunging back down on his shaft.  I bobbed up and down, a few more times, trying each time to reach lower on his shaft, making sure my lipstick left a mark, I tried to surpass on subsequent plunges.

“I want to lick that wet pussy!”  Jeff cried out in delight.

I pulled my head back, and off his tip, “Oh, don't worry...you'll get your chance!”

“Yes ma'am!  You better believe I will!”  Jeff grabbed his dick, cupping the head and holding it to the side. “I don’t plan on cumming like this either!”  He grinned.

“Oh, no?” Admittedly, I was confused.  “Then how?”

“Guess.” Jeff stood.  He reached for my hand, and I stood as well.  “I’m thinking of a number between 68 and –” He hesitated.  “Do you smell that?”

I shook my head, “No. What?”

“Nothing.”  He continued, “I thought I smelled –” Jeff turned his head slightly and sniffed.  “Yeah.  There it is again.  Faint, but definitely –”   He looked at me and smiled. “Give me your hands.”  He took my hands in each of his.  He lifted my left hand to his face and immediately lowered it and lifted the right.  Positioning my index finger below his nose, he inhaled…deeply.

Jeff sat back down on the bed, and took another deep inhale of my fingers.  He closed his eyes and spoke, “Change of plans.”  Placing his hands on my hips, he used his index fingers to trace the edges of lace downward, then slipped them between the fabric and my skin.

The rough skin of his fingers tickled my outer lips, and I squirmed.  His fingers proceeded in unison, lower and deeper, separating my inner labia.

Jeff’s fingers shifted apart in opposite directions: one farther down to the opening of my vagina creating tiny circles as they moved; the other slightly upward gently flicking my clit.  “You like that?”  He whispered.

“Immensely.”  I was aroused, and the only thing I could think about was his dick…sliding in and out of me.

“Good.”  He removed both fingers at once, then pulled the crotch of my panties to one side.  “That’s exactly how I want you to play with yourself…right in front of the fireplace.”

Friday, October 13, 2017


So, you want to get-to-know me better, huh?  I thought you’d never ask. Just one question though, before we start …just how much better do you want to ‘get-to-know me’? Intimately? Even better. 

My hair?  I thought you liked it when I wore it up.  The afternoon we met, you stood behind me in line and commented on how delicate you thought the back of my next was…that has been the only reason I’ve worn it up since then.  I sure can.  Now, that feels much better.   Really?  I think it’s just a little too curly.  No, I don’t mind if you touch it… I actually like it when my hair is stroked.  Yes, I mean the hair on my head.  I don’t have hair anywhere else on my body.  In due time.  That feels good, especially when you stroke the hair around my face.  Mmmm…yes, just like that. 

What? Shoes? Oh, these?  I guess they are pretty high.  Yes, I do wear heels a lot…someone once commented on how long my legs looked in heels and a mini skirt…see, and I’ve been wearing the heels ever since.  It’s one of the few vanities in which I over indulge.  When you get-to-know me better, you’ll find out what the others are.  No, only four-and-a-half inches high…but I do believe that once heels are over three inches, they are called stilettos.  No, they feel great.  You’d be surprised what I can do in the right pair of stilettos.

Well, speaking of comfort, do you mind if I get a little more comfortable? No, no, you’re fine just where you are…I just think that if you want to know me more intimately,  I should just sit a little closer to you…like right here on the bed...I’d hate for you to miss a thing.

Are you comfortable? No? Is there anything I can do to help? Well, it is a little warm in here…and I could turn on the air conditioning, but I have a better idea…why don’t I help you off with your shirt?  There…feeling a little bit cooler?  Good. 

No, you’re absolutely right.  Aren’t summer nights usually like that?  I have to admit, that with the humidity so high, I’m feeling a little wet and sticky myself…would you mind helping me off with my panties?

Here…why don’t I pull up my skirt, and you can pull down my panties.  Wait… let me take off the shoes…what?  Keep them on? No…I’m all for indulging fantasies.  Okay…like this? Mmmm…now I’m feeling much more comfortable.  Thank-you.  Pink is my favorite color.  The lace? No.  I love the way it feels against my skin, especially after I’ve been waxed.  Oh, I’m sorry, you meant the thong.  Well…not exactly. I’d actually call it a g-string, because it’s more string than fabric, and no, I love the way it feels… it’s almost like I’m being split down the middle, and that, makes me feel sexy.
Sure you can look.  

Would you like to know a little secret?  I’m a little bit of an exhibitionist and I like it when people watch me.  It feels as though their touching me with their eyes and probing me with their minds.  Why don’t I straddle your legs so you can get an unobstructed view of everything.

Yes, it’s pierced. No, it’s through the hood of my clitoris, not the clit itself.  If I pull back the hood, you can see my clit… see …nothing but pink?  Sure you can touch it, but I’d prefer you tug on it …no, not like that, a little harder.  Yes! Oh fuck, just like that.  No, no…don’t stop pulling. Sure…you can explore anything you’d like.  Any finger is fine…mmmm, yeah.  Told you I was wet.  No, I don’t mind if you smell it…it’s your finger.  So tell me, how does it smell?  Creamy? Well, I once read that in order to get a better sense of a scent, it’s necessary for you to taste, since the two senses often work in conjunction with one another.  Here, why don’t you lend me your finger and let me show you. 

First, you start with a deep inhalation…moving the length of the finger so that you prepare your mouth for what it’s about to taste.  Then, you begin at the base and lick with just the tip of your tongue like this.  The taste is less intense here, because the base only reaches as far as the opening.  

Then, as you move your way up, you flatten out your tongue so you increase the amount of surface contact, gradually tasting a more intense flavor.  Then, as you approach the tip, you round your mouth over the top and wrap both lips around it so that the tip reaches as far back in your throat as possible.  

Next, you gently begin to suck as you pull off, allowing the taste buds on the back of your tongue to experience the most concentrated juice.  Sometimes if you pull off just right, you can get some cum smeared across your lips, then as you lick it you get a bonus taste. And to seal the deal, you smell it again as you savor the taste in your mouth, to get a fuller sense of what you are experiencing. 

No,I’m not like most women…I have three holes that are each capable of giving and receiving pleasure in many different ways, or positions depending on how picture it…and I figure why limit yourself?  I thoroughly enjoy being penetrated in all three holes during the course of an evening, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

A souvenir, eh?  But if I gave you my panties, I would have to give you the matching bra…I’d just hate to break up a matching set.  How did I know you were going to ask?  All right. But only because I would hate to deny a man who was so helpful in taking off my underwear such a simple request.  But before I do, I’ll have to take off my blouse.  Unbutton from the top instead? Not a problem.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Leah stepped out of the shower, still dripping wet, and rushed across the room for her phone.  The new device alarmed, rang and texted alert all in the same annoying ring, and she made a mental note to change it in the morning; the incoming text was from Chris.

We won!!  27 points! Only one dunk!

Leah brought the phone with her to the bathroom, first wrapping herself in a towel then responding to the message: Congrats!  Back to the dorm now to study, I guess?  She placed the phone on the counter, but before she could grab a towel to wrap her hair, another incoming text alarmed.

Cute, but off to celebrate with the frats!

Too bad. She responded. She typed a colon, and then scrolled through the symbols on her phone.  But for the life of her could not locate the begin parenthesis, so she wrote her intention instead: Insert frowny face here.

Christopher replied: Oh?

Maybe it was one too many wine-coolers, or perhaps it wasn’t quite enough, but Leah, a little tipsy and feeling a lot flirty typed without thinking: In one word?  Horny!

Oh, really? Just how horny? His fingers were like lightening.

Two words…Naked Twister!  Are you game?  Leah giggled to herself at the prospect of playing Twister with the college senior she met a month earlier at a fraternity mixer, but maintained almost an exclusive textual relationship with because of the 6 hour difference between their respective campuses. Aside from the grainy cell phone pictures he occasionally sent her, all she could distinctly remember of him was his taller than average height, beautiful smile, and his Flavor Savor –the little tuft of red hair, an inverted triangle-shape, which sat just below his lower lip. I’d give him something to savor!  Leah thought to herself, then double checked the screen to make sure she had not typed her last thought –she didn’t. 

Absolutely!  He typed quickly, and she paused at the thought of just how fast his fingers could be.

Your height? She texted then hit send.  Leah wanted an accurate picture to fantasize about before bedtime.

7 feet!  His typing seemed faster than earlier.

It’s too bad you’d rather celebrate with your frats…I really wanted to p-l-a-y!!!  She hit the send button.  A minute passed and there was no response.  Then another and another.  Leah checked the time on her phone 12:23pm – nearly 15 minutes had elapsed since Chris had responded to her last text.  Leah was too tired to type, and not wanting to interrupt his night of celebrating, she put down her phone, wrapped her hair in a towel, climbed into bed and turned off the light.

*        *        *

A knock at the beach entrance to the bungalow roused Leah from her sweet slumber.  She lifted her phone and checked her messages (for which there were none), then the time –7:23 am.  Who could be knocking this early in the morning?  Leah rolled over then sat up on the edge of the bed.  She leaned forward and pulled the edge of the roller blind just enough to peak outside, but whoever it was knocking stood strategically out of her line of sight.  It was at that moment she remembered what her mother asked her not to forget before she and her father left for their anniversary trip to Vegas: Don’t forget to pick up the bags of veggies from Mrs. Alexander next door.  You know how she can get when she divvies up the co-op, but you don’t pick up your share on time!  Please!

“I’ll be right there Mrs. Alexander!”  Leah jumped off the bed and ran to the adjoining bathroom.  The knocks got louder.  “I just need to brush my teeth!”  She hollered out, ‘And wash my face’, she thought.  Leah jetted out of the bathroom and ran to the door, wearing only the towel she wrapped herself in the night before.  She flung open the door and stood bewildered –it wasn’t Mrs. Alexander.  “Chris?”  She rubbed her eyes.  His tie-dyed t-shirt against the backdrop of the rising sun was making it to focus.

“You almost sound surprised.”

“I…I uh…”  Leah was surprised.  In fact she flabbergasted at the site of her Adonis standing quite literally, larger than life in the door frame to her house.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?”  Christopher questioned, and Leah stood motionless for the next 20 seconds then stepped aside and gestured for him to enter.  He took a few steps in and admired the pictures in the vestibule then turned to face her.  She stood, still in shock staring back at him. 

Chris smiled awkwardly, then picked up and empty Peach Snapps wine-cooler bottle from a set of three which were huddled on the foyer table under a pair of crossed boat oars on the wall above it.  “Must have been some night…you don’t remember inviting me, do you?”

“Inviting you?”  Leah didn’t remember.  She was glad he couldn’t see the two other empty bottles of Snapps in the bedroom and the last of the six pack where she finished it before she stepped into the shower.

“Last night you texted me that you were horny and you really wanted to play Twister…naked.”  Chris removed his phone from his pocket and scrolled through the screens until finally he came to her message and showed her.  Leah gasped.  “So you don’t remember.”

Dumbfounded, Leah, stammered out a reply, “I, I uh…um…no.  I do remember texting you.  It’s just that I didn’t think you would, uh –”

“Drive all night to take you up on your offer?”  He finished her thought.

“Yes!  I mean no.  I mean, I thought you were celebrating with your frat brothers.”

“I had every intention on celebrating with them last night, then I received a much more tempting offer.”

“Naked Twister.”  Leah clarified.

“Yes, Ma'am!”  Chris smiled.  “It’s been all I could think about the entire ride down.”

“Yeah, well you see, about that game of Naked Twister…”  She hesitated to gather her thoughts and again, Chris finished them.

“You were only teasing me, weren’t you?  Like the time you wanted to show me your new hood piercing, but then took the picture so close, I couldn’t make out what was in the shot.”  Leah smiled to herself, because that time she was teasing him.  Again a little tipsy, she had gotten the covert piercing and proudly so; then felt a sense of modesty overcome her when he asked to see it by photograph or in person.

“No.”  Leah searched her thoughts for a plausible excuse to give him as for the hesitancy to the offer she so willingly obliged 7 hours earlier, and thinking back on all the alcohol, drunk; she turned it back around to place the blame on him.  “Well, if you had bothered to respond to my text last night you would have known that my mother had gotten rid of my game of Twister, and I would have told you to pick up a game on your way down so that we could play this morning.”  Leah was half way through her bullshit of a tirade and kept going. “So if you thought about texting or even calling me, we could have both avoided this embarrassment which you have so judgingly labeled as teasing on my part!” Ha!  What do you think about that!  Leah wanted to shout out, but kept her thoughts to herself.

“So the only thing that is stopping us from playing this naked game of Twister is the fact that I didn’t call you to see if you had a game?”

“Exactly!”  She replied smugly, and grateful she managed to talk her way out of this one. 

“But, I –” 

This time it was Leah who jumped in to head him off at the pass; “And in this county, on Sundays, stores don’t open until noon, and by that time you are going to want to get back on the road because of classes tomorrow.”

“I see.”  Chris smiled his cool smile, the very smile which had gotten her attention at that mixer, and she melted.

“But if you would like to go for a walk, or even a swim, I have no objections to those.”  Leah proffered.

“A walk… or swim?”  Confused, Chris questioned her response.

“Yes.”  Leah walked into her bedroom as she continued to talk.  “But first I need to put on my bathing suit.  And when we get back, I’ll be glad to make you breakfast.  You must be starving after driving all night!”  Leah opened a dresser drawer and pulled out a matching bikini top and bottom.

“To be quite honest with you, walking, swimming or even eating is not what I’m in the mood for right now.”  Chris shouted back from the other room.

“I understand that, but since you were only really invited down here to play Twister, I don’t think it would be right if we did something other than playful, that is, keeping with the nature of the invitation, you know!”  Leah slipped on her bikini bottoms and started with the top.

“So if I could get my hands on a Twister mat, you’d be willing to play?”  He reiterated his offer.

“In a heartbeat!  She accepted.  Leah tied the halter straps around her neck and finished her retort.  “Since you can’t, then the only thing left to do is –” Leah froze and stopped mid-sentence as she re-entered the room where she left Chris, who now stood holding a 7 foot by 6 foot beach towel with those familiar rows of colored dots and the words Twister printed on opposite sides of the fabric.

“I’m naked!”  Chris spoke up.  “I guess the only thing we’re waiting for now is for you to strip.” Chris removed the towel from in front of him revealing a completely naked form and placed the unfurled towel on the floor in the center of the room.

Leah, once again, stood speechless and confounded, but not so much because of the towel, but of the sight she beheld.  She looked him over from top to bottom, then back up again, taking an extra long look at the area between his lower abdominals and upper thighs.  She looked away then back again, then away.  “It’s okay to look.  I don’t mind.” 

Leah unknowingly licked her lips as she took one last long look. “Uh…I…so…you’re seven feet tall?” 

“No, only 6’6”.”

“But last night you wrote that you were 7 feet.”

“Yeah.”  Chris smiled coyly as he began to stroke the length of his shaft. “I like to add my 6 –inches of length onto my height… for posterity!”