Thursday, October 18, 2012

Are You Game?

Leah stepped out of the shower, still dripping wet, and rushed across the room for her phone.  The new device alarmed, rang and texted alert all in the same annoying ring, and she made a mental note to change it in the morning; the incoming text was from Chris.

We won!!  27 points! Only one dunk!

Leah brought the phone with her to the bathroom, first wrapping herself in a towel then responding to the message: Congrats!  Back to the dorm now to study, I guess?  She placed the phone on the counter, but before she could grab a towel to wrap her hair, another incoming text alarmed.

Cute, but off to celebrate with the frats!

Too bad. She responded. She typed a colon, and then scrolled through the symbols on her phone.  But for the life of her could not locate the begin parenthesis, so she wrote her intention instead: Insert frowny face here.

Christopher replied: Oh?

Maybe it was one too many wine-coolers, or perhaps it wasn’t quite enough, but Leah, a little tipsy and feeling a lot flirty typed without thinking: In one word?  Horny!

Oh, really? Just how horny? His fingers were like lightening.

Two words…Naked Twister!  Are you game?  Leah giggled to herself at the prospect of playing Twister with the college senior she met a month earlier at a fraternity mixer, but maintained almost an exclusive textual relationship with because of the 6 hour difference between their respective campuses. Aside from the grainy cell phone pictures he occasionally sent her, all she could distinctly remember of him was his taller than average height, beautiful smile, and his Flavor Savor –the little tuft of red hair, an inverted triangle-shape, which sat just below his lower lip. I’d give him something to savor!  Leah thought to herself, then double checked the screen to make sure she had not typed her last thought –she didn’t. 

Absolutely!  He typed quickly, and she paused at the thought of just how fast his fingers could be.

Your height? She texted then hit send.  Leah wanted an accurate picture to fantasize about before bedtime.

7 feet!  His typing seemed faster than earlier.

It’s too bad you’d rather celebrate with your frats…I really wanted to p-l-a-y!!!  She hit the send button.  A minute passed and there was no response.  Then another and another.  Leah checked the time on her phone 12:23pm – nearly 15 minutes had elapsed since Chris had responded to her last text.  Leah was too tired to type, and not wanting to interrupt his night of celebrating, she put down her phone, wrapped her hair in a towel, climbed into bed and turned off the light.


*        *        *


A knock at the beach entrance to the bungalow roused Leah from her sweet slumber.  She lifted her phone and checked her messages (for which there were none), then the time –7:23 am.  Who could be knocking this early in the morning?  Leah rolled over then sat up on the edge of the bed.  She leaned forward and pulled the edge of the roller blind just enough to peak outside, but whoever it was knocking stood strategically out of her line of sight.  It was at that moment she remembered what her mother asked her not to forget before she and her father left for their anniversary trip to Vegas: Don’t forget to pick up the bags of veggies from Mrs. Alexander next door.  You know how she can get when she divvies up the co-op, but you don’t pick up your share on time!  Please!

“I’ll be right there Mrs. Alexander!”  Leah jumped off the bed and ran to the adjoining bathroom.  The knocks got louder.  “I just need to brush my teeth!”  She hollered out, ‘And wash my face’, she thought.  Leah jetted out of the bathroom and ran to the door, wearing only the towel she wrapped herself in the night before.  She flung open the door and stood bewildered –it wasn’t Mrs. Alexander.  “Chris?”  She rubbed her eyes.  His tie-dyed t-shirt against the backdrop of the rising sun was making it to focus.

“You almost sound surprised.”

“I…I uh…”  Leah was surprised.  In fact she flabbergasted at the site of her Adonis standing quite literally, larger than life in the door frame to her house.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?”  Christopher questioned, and Leah stood motionless for the next 20 seconds then stepped aside and gestured for him to enter.  He took a few steps in and admired the pictures in the vestibule then turned to face her.  She stood, still in shock staring back at him. 

Chris smiled awkwardly, then picked up and empty Peach Snapps wine-cooler bottle from a set of three which were huddled on the foyer table under a pair of crossed boat oars on the wall above it.  “Must have been some night…you don’t remember inviting me, do you?”

“Inviting you?”  Leah didn’t remember.  She was glad he couldn’t see the two other empty bottles of Snapps in the bedroom and the last of the six pack where she finished it before she stepped into the shower.

“Last night you texted me that you were horny and you really wanted to play Twister…naked.”  Chris removed his phone from his pocket and scrolled through the screens until finally he came to her message and showed her.  Leah gasped.  “So you don’t remember.”

Dumbfounded, Leah, stammered out a reply, “I, I uh…um…no.  I do remember texting you.  It’s just that I didn’t think you would, uh –”

“Drive all night to take you up on your offer?”  He finished her thought.

“Yes!  I mean no.  I mean, I thought you were celebrating with your frat brothers.”

“I had every intention on celebrating with them last night, then I received a much more tempting offer.”

“Naked Twister.”  Leah clarified.

“Yes.”  Chris smiled.  “It’s been all I could think about the entire ride down.”

“Yeah, well you see, about that game of Naked Twister…”  She hesitated to gather her thoughts and again, Chris finished them.

“You were only teasing me, weren’t you?  Like the time you wanted to show me your new hood piercing, but then took the picture so close, I couldn’t make out what was in the shot.”  Leah smiled to herself, because that time she was teasing him.  Again a little tipsy, she had gotten the covert piercing and proudly so; then felt a sense of modesty overcome her when he asked to see it by photograph or in person.

“No.”  Leah searched her thoughts for a plausible excuse to give him as for the hesitancy to the offer she so willingly obliged 7 hours earlier, and thinking back on all the alcohol, drunk; she turned it back around to place the blame on him.  “Well, if you had bothered to respond to my text last night you would have known that my mother had gotten rid of my game of Twister, and I would have told you to pick up a game on your way down so that we could play this morning.”  Leah was half way through her bullshit of a tirade and kept going. “So if you thought about texting or even calling me, we could have both avoided this embarrassment which you have so judgingly labeled as teasing on my part!” Ha!  What do you think about that!  Leah wanted to shout out, but kept her thoughts to herself.

“So the only thing that is stopping us from playing this naked game of Twister is the fact that I didn’t call you to see if you had a game?”

“Exactly!”  She replied smugly, and grateful she managed to talk her way out of this one. 

“But, I –” 

This time it was Leah who jumped in to head him off at the pass; “And in this county, on Sundays, stores don’t open until noon, and by that time you are going to want to get back on the road because of classes tomorrow.”

“I see.”  Chris smiled his cool smile, the very smile which had gotten her attention at that mixer, and she melted.

“But if you would like to go for a walk, or even a swim, I have no objections to those.”  Leah proffered.

“A walk… or swim?”  Confused, Chris questioned her response.

“Yes.”  Leah walked into her bedroom as she continued to talk.  “But first I need to put on my bathing suit.  And when we get back, I’ll be glad to make you breakfast.  You must be starving after driving all night!”  Leah opened a dresser drawer and pulled out a matching bikini top and bottom.

“To be quite honest with you, walking, swimming or even eating is not what I’m in the mood for right now.”  Chris shouted back from the other room.

“I understand that, but since you were only really invited down here to play Twister, I don’t think it would be right if we did something other than playful, that is, keeping with the nature of the invitation, you know!”  Leah slipped on her bikini bottoms and started with the top.

“So if I could get my hands on a Twister mat, you’d be willing to play?”  He reiterated his offer.

“In a heartbeat!  She accepted.  Leah tied the halter straps around her neck and finished her retort.  “Since you can’t, then the only thing left to do is –” Leah froze and stopped mid-sentence as she re-entered the room where she left Chris, who now stood holding a 7 foot by 6 foot beach towel with those familiar rows of colored dots and the words Twister printed on opposite sides of the fabric.

“I’m naked!”  Chris spoke up.  “I guess the only thing we’re waiting for now is for you to strip.” Chris removed the towel from in front of him revealing a completely naked form and placed the unfurled towel on the floor in the center of the room.

Leah, once again, stood speechless and confounded, but not so much because of the towel, but of the sight she beheld.  She looked him over from top to bottom, then back up again, taking an extra long look at the area between his lower abdominals and upper thighs.  She looked away then back again, then away.  “It’s okay to look.  I don’t mind.” 

Leah unknowingly licked her lips as she took one last long look. “Uh…I…so…you’re seven feet tall?” 

“No, only 6’6”.”

“But last night you wrote that you were 7 feet.”

“Yeah.”  Chris smiled coyly as he began to stroke the length of his shaft. “I like to add my 6 –inches of length onto my height… for posterity!”

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sixty-Second Sexcapade: Honeymoon Surprise


The 28th of this month will mark the 5 year anniversary of my marriage to my husband David.  I can remember the day so clearly –as if it were yesterday.  Twenty-four hours before the wedding, I spent the entire day being pampered from head to toe: a manicure and pedicure in the morning, brunch at the hotel and a stress free afternoon at the spa.  I slept like a baby –that was the eye of the storm.  The morning of my wedding, my Matron of Honor and I, along with the flower girls headed to the hair salon for the finishing touches of pampering before the wedding.  I spent the rest of the day making sure people were where they were supposed to be, doing what they were supposed to be doing at the times they were supposed to be doing it. 

After months of planning and many sleepless nights, working out every last detail, the ceremony came –it was beautiful and went off without a hitch.  Friends and family surrounded me from the time I was in the receiving line to the time we sat for dinner at the reception.  I barely finished the meal, when I was in the throngs of well wishers and party guests, each hugging me and wanting their turn to converse.  I saw David for a total of thirty minutes for the whole day, and I wanted nothing more than to start our honeymoon –the suite had already been reserved and was calling for us to enjoy it.

The first moment I had to myself, I looked for my new husband, and I couldn’t find him.  I looked at each table, by the exits, I looked everywhere but one place –behind me.  His hands found their way around my waist, and I faced him.  The evening was getting late, and David wanted us to start being man and wife.  We were soon encircled by friends and family again –taking pictures and offering their congratulations.  By the time midnight approached, I was exhausted.  When David and I finally stole away from the reception and made it to the hotel room, showering was all I could do to stay awake.  I don’t remember how I made it to bed, after our shower.  I just remember climbing into bed naked and succumbing to the night. 

The dream that entered my sleep was erotic.  I was in the most beautiful garden –the trees were lush, the flowers perfectly in bloom and as the sun made it way westward, a gentle breeze tickled the tendrils of hair near my neck before twirling in the luxurious curls that fell midway down my back.  I walked in the direction on the pond with the waterfall to swim in the crystal clear water. 

I walked under the waterfall and leaned my neck back, allowing the gentle shower of water to caress my face and run its streaming fingers through the length of my hair and down my back. Moving to the edge of the reflecting pool, I sat on a large rock letting just my legs enter. The warm rushes of water moved around me, then across me to where they entered me, and I was completely aroused. 

I spread my legs in order to deepen the pleasurable sensations that the water was creating in me; it was phenomenal –the water moved in and around my labia wetting me enough to quench the thirst of my lower lips, before exchanging chores with the wind –which blew it breath over my clitoris and into my vagina. The setting sun had his part as well –his warm lips massaged every bit of exposed flesh, and the hot teeth of his coronal rays tugged and pulled at hood of my clitoris heating me quickly.  The watery tongue of Neptune entered the deepest part of my womanhood creating in me the sensation of soaring –I was seduced, then titillated and eventually became one with nature.  I spread my arms like wings so that I could continue to fly.

Leaning my head back, I closed my eyes, catching the fading rays of sunlight dancing on the surface of the lagoon –like dozens of candles flickering in the impending darkness, guiding the stars to their rightful place in the night sky.

The sweet scent of jasmine and lavender roused me from sleeping the next morning.  Candles –dozens of them in varying shades of purple decorated the room.  I was in David’s arms –as the daylight greeted us. He wished me good morning and he thanked me for officially becoming his wife.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sixty-Second Fantasy: Nooner

I have always wanted to role play with my husband, Neil.  My fantasy would start off on a Friday morning with making reservations at a swanky upscale hotel downtown –a suite for one the entire weekend.  I courier a package to Neil, who works just blocks away from the hotel; the instructions are for him to meet me outside the hotel at noon for lunch, and not to be late, because the reservation won’t be held past 12.

I arrive 20 minutes before our rendezvous time, and I step out of the cab wearing an outfit that will stop him dead in his tracks –black leather thigh high boots held up by garters under the shortest of leather mini skirts, a black push-up which perks my cleavage and is barely hidden below a cut off tank top, a black leather jacket, green contact lenses and to top it all off, a long brunette wig –Neil has always had a thing for brunettes.

When he arrives, I am pacing up and down along the street and just before the valet makes it to his Mercedes I lean in through the driver’s window, so that he can get a good look down my blouse.  “In the mood for a good time, Baby?”

He glances at me briefly and then speaks, “I’m sorry…I’m meeting my wife for lunch.”

“She won’t mind…maybe she can watch us –”  He gets out of the car and hands off his keys to the valet for his ticket and makes his way into the lobby of the hotel.  I follow him in where he is sitting at the bar in the restaurant, waiting. 

Sneaking up from behind, I cover his eyes with my hands and whisper, “Maybe, if your wife is kinky, she can join us.”   He pulls my hands from his face and turns around on the stool –just before he is about to speak, he realizes that it is me and he smiles –all eyes are on us because we look like a mismatched pair.  I stand between his legs and kiss him.  “Let’s get a room.”

“What about the lunch reservations their holding for us?”

“The reservations are for a suite…and besides I’m not dressed for lunch.” 

Neil kisses me on the lips then reaches into the breast pocket of his suit and pulls out is bill fold. “How much are you going to cost me for the hour?”

“That all depends on what you want to do to me –and what you what me to do to you.”  Neil counts out five-hundred dollars and hands it to me. “Will this cover it?”

“For starters.”  I put the money in my bra then grab onto his tie like a leash leading him out of the bar.  I let go and he takes the lead, checking in at the reception desk.  The woman behind the counter looks me over and reminds him that the suite is only for one.  As Neil takes his pass key, I reassure her, “Don’t worry about me, I’m only staying for an hour.”

We make out on the ride up in the elevator, and as we exit on our floor, looks and sneers are made by on coming riders.  Neil opens the room door and I enter, with him close behind. “I want you on the sofa.”  I walk over and sit.  “Panties off.”

“I’m not wearing any…want do you want me to do next?”

“Spread your legs and play with yourself.”  I spread my legs apart –placing the heels of my boots on the coffee table before me.  I pull up my skirt and reach down between my legs and begin to touch myself –with two fingers of one hand rubbing my clit and the middle finger of the other hand deep in my pussy.  Neil stands a few yards away –staring, intensely, as he undresses.

When he’s naked he starts to stroke his dick with one hand and rub his balls with the other.  Neil sits down next to me and tells me to climb on.  I do –still fully dressed.  Not waiting for any more orders I grasp his dick and insert it into me and slid down on it –feeling his entire length in me.  Grabbing Neil’s hands, I pin them down against the back of the sofa and start to ride –flexing and relaxing my inner thighs –sucking in the head as deeply as I can, then letting it go, almost sliding out, before I squat back down on him again and suck it back in.  I am working for my money. 

I bend my head over Neil’s and lean in for a kiss –only this time I use my tongue –thrusting it into his mouth, every time I take his dick into me.  Neil sits up on the cushion and when I take him in again, it is deeper.  My hood rubs up against his lower abdomen and as I continue to ride –my rise to climax quickens.  I ride him until I cum then wrap my arms around his neck and let the tiny heartbeat within me massage the head of his dick.  I gasp, trying to catch my breath. 

When Neil cums, I feel his dick contract several times within me –rapidly.  He holds me tightly about the waist –enjoying his release.  I whisper to him, “Your hour is almost up.”

“What else am I gonna get for my money?”

“Nothing –anything else is gonna cost you extra.”

Sixty-Second Sexcapade: Three Bean Salad

Kirk and I have the most fabulous sex life –it is hard to believe that we have been dating for a little over a week.  He is my fourth partner and he, by far has been the best.  We fuck all the time –any time, any place and any where.  Shit!  There is nothing that is off limits –if there is something we can dream up –in a monogamous encounter between the two of us –we do it.  In the dugout after his baseball game, on his mother’s kitchen table after dinner, under the overpass on the way home from the movies –after doing it twice during the same movie.  He is the only man who has had enough energy to keep up with me.  It is really nice to finally be with a man –Kirk is 24 and I am 18.

My only regret is that he is so much more experienced –in sexual matters –than I am.  I sometimes wish that when he mentioned a new position or an act, that I knew exactly what he meant and exactly how he liked to be fucked –but I am learning –quickly.

Last night was the first time Kirk and I 69’d it –as a matter of fact –it was the first time that I came anywhere near being a six or a nine.  I mean, I’ve given head –plenty of times –I’ve being doing it since I was 12, and I’ve been eaten out more times than I can remember but the yesterday was the first time the two have been put together.  The night we met, after making out in the club, Kirk’s invited me to see his red Firebird parked outside. His license plate said IB6 UB9. He mentioned that it was his favorite thing to do, and that he wanted to do it with me –when we had the time and space to do it and no chance of anyone interrupting us.  His roommate left for California in the morning and last night we did it –but I was tempted to do so much more.

After a shower together, Kirk started by lying diagonally across his bed –naked.  I got on the bed and kneeled –shifting one leg over him, until I sat on his face.  I rubbed my pussy all over his mouth –it felt almost as good as a dick.  Kirk raised my ass up and I fell forward –my arms caught me before I hit his legs. I crawled over him, until I was right over his dick and then went down.  I opened my mouth as wide as I could, and plunged down taking in everything but the stalk. As I pulled off of him, I let my tongue ring trace its way up –applying pressure to his shaft –I knew he liked it, because he shoved his tongue all the way up my pussy.

I went down on him again –and put on the suction.  I was bobbing and licking, sucking –trying to get every bit of cum out his dick.  Kirk alternated between licking out my cunt and nibbling on my clit while sticking his fingers in my pussy.  The shit he was doing was so damned good, I thought I was going to lose my mind –and then he did it.  Kirk stroked the length of his tongue upward and licked the entrance to my asshole.  I don’t know whether I was scared or shocked, but I stopped slobbin’ the knob, and he did it again.  I braced myself for a third time, when he surprised me again, and slipped the tip of his tongue in.

Holy fuck!  I sat there in shock as he pushed his tongue further in.  He stopped only to tell me not to stop sucking him.  I went back down on him, but the only thing I could think of was ass –first, of only what he was doing to mine, then of what I could do to his.

While I sucked his dick, I imagined just licking the outside lower and lower until I was at his balls –taking each one into my mouth as I rubbed his shaft with my hand.  After my saliva had thoroughly wet his dick and balls I would use my hands and massage his ripe delicious squash and beans, while I go lower –licking the flesh just under his balls –descending until I tossed his salad.  I wanted to stick my tongue in his ass and taste him as deeply and as intimately as he was tasting me.  The thought of licking his ass, while he was licking mine and playing in my cunt, made me cum. I have never cum that fast being eaten out or giving head –I have never cum that good either.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sixty Second Sexcapade: The Familiar Stranger

My boyfriend, Tad, of three years recently went on a business trip to Chicago and consequently he ended up missing the three year anniversary of our first date.  I was most upset that he could not get back in time to celebrate with me, but he sent me a dozen long stemmed roses.

The evening of our anniversary, I spent relaxing. I lit several vanilla scented votive candles and set them around the bathtub then drew myself a hot steamy bath.  As the tub filled, I plucked the petals from some of the roses and dropped them, letting their soft velvety surface soak into the water releasing their essence.  I added a few drops of body oil to transform the aromatic atmosphere into one that was sensual.

I disrobe –taking off each layer of clothing, imagining myself to be one of the roses I had stripped of its petals, ready to enter the water and release my essence.  I climb into the bath and lower myself slowly, giving my body time to adjust to the change in temperature.  Once in, I lay my head back on an inflatable tub pillow and let the rose and oil mixture permeate my pores.  When I am relaxed, I find it much easier to touch myself, and so I do.

I spread my legs and put my feet up, out of the water, onto the edges of the bathtub.  Massing the oil into my breasts, I caress them for a few minutes, then move my hands to my forbidden garden, and let my fingers play among the terrain. It doesn’t take long for me to harvest the garden and drift off into sleep.

I don’t know how long I sleep, but a cold draft chills the parts of my body that are exposed to the air, and I wake.  It takes a moment for my eyes to focus on the candle light, which has almost burned down all of the wax –the first candle I lit has consumed itself.  I sit up in the tub to blow out the rest when another cold breeze wafts across my back.  As I look to the bathroom door it is wide open –not as I had left it, and there is a large male form in perfect silhouette standing in the room with me.  I am speechless in terror.

“Get out of the water.”  He whispers, and I comply.  I stand on the bathmat dripping wet and the fading candle light reflects off of my naked body.

“My purse is in the kitchen –I don’t have much jewelry. I–”

“I didn’t come to here to rob you.”  My heart begins to race.  The man, who towers above me, grabs my arm and pulls me out of the bathroom and shoves me up against the wall.  He presses his body up against me, and I feel his erect penis on my skin. The stubble on his face brushes against my cheek, and I feel his breath on my ear as he whispers, “I came here to fuck you.” 

I inhale deeply and I smell a scent which is clearly familiar –Taboo for Men.  The stranger’s words are immediately followed by a gentle kiss on my neck. “Tad?” I whisper as I exhale a sigh of relief.

He lifts me up over one shoulder and heads straight for my bedroom where he throws me onto the bed.  The bedroom window is open and the crisp night air joins us.  The room is completely darkened –even the closet light I keep on as a makeshift night light is extinguished.  I hear the sound of hands fidgeting with paper –a condom wrapper. 

He pins me to the bed and feel him enter –like a warm rod, heating me from the inside out.  The oil from the bath allows him to slide in again and again, and I welcome him without resistance.  His hands shift to my legs spreading them further apart and he penetrates me deeply.  I rub my clit which helps me to orgasm.  He finishes and gets up.  I fall asleep before Tad makes it back to bed.

The next morning the phone rings –its Tad.  “Where are you?”  I ask as I am roused out of sleep, still reeling from my late night visit.

“I’m sorry to wake you, but I’m still at the airport…my flight was delayed, and I won’t be home until tonight.”  I roll over in bed, and notice that the window wasn’t left opened, it was broken into –there are shards of glass below it.  I sit up in bed and read the message written in lipstick on my mirror: Happy Anniversary.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sixty Second Sexcapade: A Days Labor

I recently moved DC, and I have a recurring fantasy about a Day Laborer who waits in a parking lot of a shopping plaza every day and whom I pass each morning on the way home from work.  He stands out from the rest, because he is considerably taller –about 6’ and he is well built and he dresses in worn out jeans and a faded tank top that shows off his broad shoulders and golden tanned skin.  His hair has a slight curl to it and his smile is flawless.  But his most striking feature has got to be his eyes –they’re hazel –light brown in the middle with a jade green color near the edges.

I stop at the traffic light and he knocks on the passenger window.  Using the power locks I unwind it, and he pops his head in the open window and asks if he can mow my lawn, rake some leaves or clean out my garage.  He knows enough English for me to understand him.

“How much to you charge per hour?”  I ask inquisitively. 

He hesitates then speaks. “Seven, maybe ten –depends on work.”  My mind starts wandering.

“How much to have you for the whole day?”  I am almost embarrassed to ask because I feel more like a john soliciting sex, than a business women negotiating the price of a days work.

“For you –hmmm, eighty dollars.”  I smile as does he.

“Come in.”

On the ride home, I find out that his name is Hector and that he is single, but supporting his mother in Mexico.  We arrive at my suburban home and pull into the garage.  I show him the gardening tools and indicate what needs to be done.  He starts in the backyard, trimming the hedges.  Perfect.

I undress, and then dress in the skimpiest bikini I own –a black string bikini with the matching thong, and slip on a pair of stilettos.  I head poolside to catch some early morning sun.  Hector is wearing nothing but his jeans, boots and a pair of work gloves.  He is bear-chested and sweat streams down his body.

As I sit in a lounge chair, I catch his attention –but pretend not to notice.  Removing the bikini top, I hear the motor stop.  I begin lotioning my breasts with sun-block –squeezing each one before I start to fondle my nipples. 

I reach for the sun-block again and can’t find it.  It is at that moment I feel a pair of rough masculine hands, with palms covered with tanning lotion, caress my shoulders.  My chest rises and falls with each rub he administers and I lean my head back onto his chest.  Hector sits behind me, with his work boots planted on the deck.

The sweet-pungent odor of sweat surrounds me, and I feel wetness escape from my vagina and become absorbed in the tiny strip of fabric between my legs. Hector’s palms slide down my chest and over my breasts.  He massages them, occasionally pulling each nipple between his thumbs and forefingers.

I turn to face Hector.  As I kneel at the end of the lounger, I slowly slip off my bikini bottoms and crawl towards him along the chair.  I rub my breasts up the smooth, sleek lines of his abdomen and chest.  I straddle his legs and can feel his erect penis through his jeans.

We lean in to kiss each other and I taste him –cool and refreshing, like spearmint gum.  Our tongues play for a few moments longer before I pull away.  My lower lips are dying to take a bite out of the giant enchilada in his pants.

I unbutton then unzip his jeans –he isn’t wearing any underwear. His dick is just as beautiful as the rest of him as it is springs out of his pants.  I rub the head, then the shaft before rocking my hips forward and moving him into my vagina.

I slide down onto him, and he fills me completely.  Hector’s fingers move to my belly button and shift down until he touches the hood of my clitoris.  His thumb presses it in then rubs it in a circular motion and I moan in pleasure.

He continues to rub me and I start to ride him –up and down –up and down –every up till the point he’s about to come out and every down until I can’t take anymore of him in.  Hector rubs my clit –faster and faster and the sensations within my hood rise.  I use my hands to anchor myself on his shoulders and ride him harder and quicker. 

I rise up off of him as I cum and he grabs my waist and pulls me back onto him.  He plunges deep within me and cums like a shotgun –Jacking a round into the chamber –then bam!  I feel each jack he releases into my chamber and we kiss each other again, deeper and more passionately.

I end the kiss and Hector looks at me intensely.  “I must get back to work.”

“As far as I’m concerned, you are finished for the day.”  I reach over to my purse and remove my wallet.  I take out a hundred dollar bill and tell him, “Make yourself available to me, and there’ll be more where this came from –not bad for a days work.”

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sixty-Second Sexcapade: How Do I Love Thee?

The summer break between my Sophomore and Junior year in college, I got involved with a man that was several years my senior.  We met through a mutual friend at work, and hit it off automatically.  He was sweet on me and I had him wrapped around my finger.  Whenever we got together –whether we spent the evening talking, were out at a restaurant or having sex –we always had a great time.

Our relationship got a little too serious, a little too quick.  That, coupled with everything that we both had going on in our own lives –his children were starting high school and I was preparing to go back to college, there was less and less time for the two of us to share. And when the summer ended, so did our relationship.  I’ve always wondered from time to time, how he was doing, and if he ever thought about me and that summer we spent together.

Every now and then, when I am alone with myself, my thoughts and my memories, I fantasize about John.  I picture myself coming back from lunch and finding a Frederick’s of Hollywood bag along with a note in an envelope from John, sitting on my desk.  When I open the envelope a hotel pass falls out; the accompanying note reads: Meet me at 7 tonight in room 628 at the Radisson on Nicholson Ave.  Your attire for the evening is in the bag.  I take a peek in the bag and find a red lace bra and the matching panties –that just happen to be crotchless.

I make my way to the hotel, wearing the clothing provided, my favorite red heels and a rain coat.  I wait patiently outside of the room until exactly seven then enter.  There are candles everywhere, and on the bed, completely naked is John.  I remove my coat, and walk over to the bed and climb on to it, then onto John. I sit on his lap facing him –feeling his long hard dick lying between the lips he prefers to kiss,  when he whispers, “I know that I haven’t always told you how I feel about you, but tonight I want to show you –every way I can.” 

He asks me lie on my side –with my legs slightly curved forward.  John crawls around me and I feel his dick snake around the back of by neck before I feel his lips kiss every inch of my outer labia.  The kissing reigning down arouses me to no end.

 John then tells me he wants me to turn, so that I’m on my hands and knees.  He, facing my backside, spreads my outer labia apart then reaches his mouth forward and begins sucking on my inner labia.  His warm breath against my flesh really gets me going.  After he has spent some time sucking he stops and asks me to lie on my back.

While there, I watch him –candlelight casting light and shadow against his body, as he descends between my legs, but now he is biting and gently nibbling on my clit. Holy fuck!  He is teasing the hell out of me –pulling it between his teeth…just the way I like it.  It feels so fucking good that I am ready to cum when he stops yet again –suspending my climax.  I start to get a little frustrated, then John tells me he wants show me he loves me in one more way.  “I want you to pretend my head is a chair and sit on my face.”

I nearly wet myself at the request, but quickly comply, knowing that this shit can only get better.  He lies on the bed, with his head on the pillows and I straddle his face and hold onto the headboard.  John lifts me off of him, “That’s not the way I want you to sit on me –turn around.”

I climb off then back on, in the opposite direction.  I hold onto his chest as his thumbs pull apart both sets of lips, his fingers massage my clit and his tongue makes it way into my pussy.  He is licking the outside with the length of his tongue and flicking inside with just the tip –I know there are no more ways in which he is going to show me his love and I squat further onto him, letting him love me a little deeper.  The tip of his nose stimulates my ass just enough, and I cross the threshold and cum in his mouth, again and again.